Let in the Light

Most of us are belief hoarders. We choose to live surrounded by our outdated and inefficient beliefs because our trash is familiar and safe. But old junk beliefs block out love, just like old boxes block out the light of the sun. Yet, as beliefs are moved out of the way, love and light naturally fill the space. I invite you to let go of beliefs that no longer serve you, and find your own way towards new beliefs that do.



Peaceful Earth

Welcome to GiselleValdesRodriguez.com, a blog sharing practical spiritual teachings and tools for nurturing your connection to the sacredness within you and all around you.

Many traditions know life is sacred, that all is made by Spirit, through Spirit and of Spirit, all deserving respect.

In a busy world it is easy to forget this, but actively practicing and embodying the knowing of this connection to the sacred, or to Spirit, affects how you live your life and how we live collectively on Earth.

May we one day live in a world in peace, with compassion and care for ourselves, other people, animals and the Earth.

I send you love,

Rev Giselle Valdes Rodriguez


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